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Gumgwang takes a step ahead to innovate The green technology that harmonizes both human and nature

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Gwang-Ju National institute of science and technology

Yeo-Cheon District office construction project

Gwang-Ju Subway station (5-ga)

Double trek rail road (Cheon-An to On-Yang Hot spring), On-Yang Hot spring station + 1 more station construction project

Gwang-Ju city CGI center construction project

  • Double track rail road (Cheon-An to On-Yang Hotspring), OnYang
  • Go-Heung cultural Complex Construction Project
  • Gwang-Ju City CGI Center Construction projecte
  • Gwang-Ju National institute of science and technology(phase 4)
  • Gwang-Ju Subway station (5-ga)
  • Honam Express Railway Naju train Station Extension Project
  • Su-Won community Rehabilitation Center (Architecture)
  • Yeo-Cheon District Office Construction Project
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