Symbol Mark


The symbol mark is the most important element of Gumgwang Company’s CIP(Corporation Identification Program) and it is representative in expressing Gumgwang Company’s image. Gumgwang Company’s symbol is in the shape of the letter ‘ㄱ’(giyeok) which stands for Gumgwang Company overlapping inside a round circle that represents the universe and the world. The world’s letter ‘ㄱ’ stands for Gumgwang Company’s company mindset which is diligence/technology/pioneer spirit and the three horizontal lines formed by the letter ‘ㄱ’ represent Gumgwang Company’s power and jump toward becoming a global company by crossing the world.

It expresses Gumgwang Company’s enterprising spirit by using different thickness of lines for the circles that represent the universe and the world, and the top-bottom symmetry is a declaration of the will to contribute to human welfare by practicing the Gumgwang Company spirit through harmony, balance, self-control and cooperation. The main color blue gives the clients a sense of trust and safety while emphasizing Gumgwang Company’s challenge toward top-ranking companies. The symbol mark’s shape and color must not be altered in any way.