[Vision] Top 10 Construction Firms of 2030

Eco-friendly management and creating value for a better life
We pioneer in a transparent and honest corporate culture that is based on technology and trust.

  • Modesty
  • Change
  • Passion
  • Creation

Gumgwang Company which leads the 21st century’s corporate culture and values society’s dreams and future has a company mindset called ‘Truth and Passion’.
This management philosophy called ‘Truth and Passion’ will blossom into a ‘reasonable and enthusiastic person of Gumgwang’ and a ‘future oriented person of Gumgwang with a fresh perspective’.
We intend to do our best in order to take off as a leading company of the 21st century with ‘Truth and Passion’ that guides Gumgwang as a whole from the CEO to the general employee.

The Attitude of
a Gumgwang personnel

  • - We have the responsibility of an owner as a Gumgwang personnel
  • - We plant pride as a Gumgwang personnel
  • - We form harmonious unity as a Gumgwang personnel
  • - We develop technology for the sake of the company and ourselves as a Gumgwang personnel
  • - We always grow our thinking skills and work hard as a Gumgwang personnel