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Gumgwang takes a step ahead to innovate The green technology that harmonizes both human and nature

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Gwang-Ju Students’ cultural complex construction

Gwang-Ju university digital library construction project

Nam-Won medical center

Jeon-Nam university Emergency center

Son-Won college relocation, Civil & Architectural works

Mi-r dental care Office construction project

  • Dae-Gu, dong-Byeon elementary / middle School Construction
  • Gwan-dong middle School Construction
  • Gwang-Ju Students’ cultural Complex Construction
  • Gwang-Ju University digital library Construction Project
  • Hwa-Gae 2 elementary school Construction & Civil works
  • Hwa-Sun 1 elementary school construction & civil works
  • Jeon-Nam university Emergency center (8 bdlg.)construction project
  • Mi-r dental care Office construction project
  • Namwon medical Center
  • SA-dong elementary / middle School Construction
  • Seoul Mok-Cheon elementary School Construction & Civil Works
  • Son-Won college relocation, Civil & architectural Works
  • The 2nd Ok-Hyun middle school Construction & Civil works
  • Unjung 2 high school building construction & facilities
  • Young-Choen Ya-SA elementary School Construction
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